“It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to teach child the chance to fulfil his potential possibilities.”
About Dr Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori

The interest in nature is a natural thing in every human being since the beginning of time. Language can be used as a pathway to the science of biology.

Children have a great, natural interest in living things and biology is the study plants and animals.  In the first six years of life, children have absorbed a limitless wealth of impressions, taking in all the elements of the world around them.

Among these are a multitude of animals, plants, trees, and flowers – an infinite variety of growing things.

There are two major areas of biology. The first is zoology, which is the scientific study of animals, their structure, physiology, classification, and distribution. The second is botany, which is the study of the classification of plants, their physiology, their structure, their ecology, distribution and economic importance.

In the early age from 3 to 6 years class, the child is only taught biology as in introduction and to have the awareness of the living in our world.

The young child is taught the structure of plants, leaves, roots and the distribution on a geographic level. The child always deals with object first, then introduce cards or to the abstract thing.

In the Montessori Class, this is introduced via Leave shapes insets and cards, Tree, Leaf, flower puzzles, Botany cards. Three parts cards

horse image
botany leave shapes
animal continent set