Language lies at the root of that transformation of the environment that we call civilisation.

“Language was invented to enable one to express the work of the intellect. The child possesses a language that has grown perfectly from something which was forming inside him. Language seems to be born in completeness at this stage, just as the child who was being formed for such a long time out of the embryo was suddenly born complete, with nails, hair, feet, etc. Language is created inside the child. It’s a miracle of creation, an inner construction” Page 61 The 1947 London Lectures.

A child between birth to 6 is in sensitive period of language. The absorbent mind assists his/her in taking in all of elements of the particular language in her environment. By the age 3, the child pretty much forms the language of their mother tongue.

Language area follows the same timelines of language acquisition. Starts with oral language and gradually takes the child to sounds and then attaching that sound to a symbol and showing a child word is made up of lots of sounds put together.

Over time, we show a child sentences are made up of lot of words and then gradually build that up. Singing, rhymes, poems are also parts of oral language.

Oral language lays the foundation to all writing and reading!

In a Montessori environment, there are lot of activities involved to expand the language.
Oral Language Reading

Enrichment of vocab

Names of

  • items in the general environment
  • materials in each area
  • parts of an activity
  • different classifications

3 Practical Life of all sensorial materials

Classified cards (NO words) Oral definitions

Given with classified cards,

When working with Practical Life materials, Working with land and water forms

Reading Classification

Handwritten then introduction to preparatory labels

  • items in the general environment
  • materials in each area
  • parts of an activity
  • different classifications

Language of the sensorial materials

3-part cards (know the picture, read the label, check with the control card)

Definition booklets Then definition reading in 3 stages
Conversations with pictures, including continent/Geology folders and land and water form folders Sentences under pictures, on the backs of cards in folders
Oral preparation for function of word games Function of word games
Oral preparation for word study Word study
Question game Reading/Sentence analysis