Embracing Unity in Diversity: Celebrating Harmony Diversity Week

We are thrilled to share with you the vibrant and enriching experience we had during our recent Harmony Day celebrations at HCMC. On March 21st, we came together as a community to commemorate this special occasion, and we wanted to give you a detailed recap of the parent incursions that made the day even more memorable.

Our Harmony Day festivities were not just about celebration; they were about fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultures that make up our community. We firmly believe that by embracing cultural diversity, we can nurture compassion and respect in our children, guiding them towards becoming compassionate global citizens.

The day began with children, educators, and parents gathering, each adorned in their cultural attire, symbolizing the unity within our diversity. Coincidentally, the day also marked Persian New Year (Navroz), and we were fortunate to have Delnaz, our Educational Leader, shared her heritage and insights into Navroz traditions with the children. It was a truly enlightening experience that deepened our understanding of different customs and histories.

As Ramadan also fell during the week, our wonderful educator, Safina, organized an incursion to educate the children about the significance of Ramadan and the foods eaten during the month of fasting. This provided an opportunity for children to learn about different cultural practices and values.

Throughout the day, parents joined us for incursions, enriching the experience with their diverse cultural backgrounds. From Rajiv, Reehan’s dad from room 2, who spoke about healthy eating and engaged the children in creating vegetable wraps, to Subashini, Alisha’s mum from room 3, who shared her Sri Lankan heritage through a cooking experience making coconut rice, each incursion provided valuable insights into various cultures.

We were also honoured to have Eva, Anna’s mother from room 4, share her knowledge and culture of Hungarian Easter celebrations through a cooking experience making Hungarian Easter cake. Additionally, Baljinder kaur- Porus’s mum and Kawaljeet kaur- Rabab’s mum from room 5, conducted a captivating book reading session, further enriching the children’s understanding of different cultures.


Multicultural art projects, traditional dances, and language lessons led by educators offered interactive learning opportunities for children. Thought-provoking books like “I’m Australian Too” and “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox reinforced the importance of embracing diversity while recognizing our shared humanity.

The day culminated in a feast featuring cuisines from around the world, showcasing the rich tapestry of flavours within our community. It was a joyous and educational experience for all, as we celebrated diversity through food, stories, dances, and shared learning


Harmony Day at HCMC was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to the beauty of cultural diversity and the bonds that unite us in harmony and understanding. We are grateful to all the parents who joined us in making this day truly special.

Thank you for your ongoing support in fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect at HCMC.