Fire Safety Day: A Visit from Our Local CFA

On June 4th, Hoppers Crossing Montessori Centre welcomed visitors from our local CFA, including Bill, Rob, Shree, and Pat, for a special session on fire safety. Bill engaged the children in a discussion about fire safety practices, emphasizing the importance of having an assembly point outside our homes, such as a letterbox, in case of emergencies. He also demonstrated how to dial 000 and request assistance from the fire service.

During the session, the children had the opportunity to participate in a simulated smoke crawl, learning to stay low to the ground where the air is clearer during a fire emergency. They also had a firsthand experience of seeing a fire truck up close and enjoyed spraying water with the hose in the car park while listening to the alarm.

Pat showcased the protective gear worn by firefighters, including masks and uniforms, explaining how these items help keep them safe during emergency situations, such as entering burning buildings filled with smoke.

Overall, it was an engaging and educational experience for the children, providing them with valuable knowledge and practical skills to stay safe in fire emergencies.