When the Gingerbread Man ran out of the Book and into the Class!

when the gingerbread man ran out of the book and into the class hero

Play and Learn has a very significant role in our Pedagogical Practices as educators.

It is important to understand that, the things that children learn are not necessarily the result of what they have been taught, but an impression of what stays in the mind of a child and what has been registered while processing the information.

showed the ingredients to the children For me, the soul of teaching is ‘Joy’. Hence it is completely pertinent to say, ‘If teaching is not joyful, learning will be painful’.

Few days ago, I had brought a book from the Library and found it suitable for the children in our room. It was a book that I had read when I was a child… ‘The Ginger Bread Man’.

I read the book a few times during the week with the children, and observed that the children were completely immersed in the story. They would not move an inch till I reached the last page of the book.

One fine day, after I had finished reading the book, I asked the children if they would love to bake the Ginger Bread Man, like the old woman in the story.

On hearing this, the children sparked humongous amount of energy!

teacher teach kids how to make ginger bread nman So, it was… the children’s voice was the order of the day.

Our Chef allowed me to collect all the ingredients from the kitchen required for baking the Ginger Bread Man, placed them on the trolley and brought them to the room.

Our environment was absolutely prepared to allow the children to explore and create their own Ginger Bread Man for themselves. After washing our hands thoroughly we invited all the children to sit around the table.

We showed the ingredients to the children to help them learn the names of each ingredient and everyone took turns to measure the ingredients properly. With every child waiting patiently to knead the dough, we divided the dough into small portions.


Our curious children used rolling pins to roll out the dough into round shape patterns which later, with the help of cookie cutter, turned out to be the perfect Ginger Bread Man.

Now to give the finishing touch, sultanas were used for the eyes and pink icing for the smiles. The whole process, right from rolling to fine detailing of the eyes and smiles added to hand-eye coordination and the development of fine motor skills.

It created an emotional climate, which deliberated many aspects of Montessori learning: Social, Sensorial, Language and most importantly Emotional Development.

baked cokies In addition, these help to develop basic math skills, measuring concepts, following directions and sequencing along with promoting literacy and language.

To conclude, teaching was fun, and so was the learning! The little fussy eaters were literally transformed to wait for the cookies to bake before they could eat them!

While the cookies baked, the whole centre was filled with mouth-watering aroma, and by the time we brought them back to the room the atmosphere was filled with excitement once again.

The young bakers relished every crumb of those cookies that we baked together as a big family!

childrens making ginger bread man

Written by Deepika Singh (Room Leader & German Teacher)
at Hoppers Crossing Montessori Centre

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