Hoppers Crossing Montessori Centre has been awarded the “Healthy Early Childhood Service – Achievement Program”


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Hoppers Crossing Montessori Centre has recently been awarded “Healthy Early Childhood Service – Achievement Program” in all areas including Sun Protection, Mental Health and Wellbeing support, Physical Activity and Movement, Healthy Eating and Oral Health, for being a Safe Environment, etc.

This is one of the major milestones for Hoppers Crossing Childcare Centre.

Thanks to the parents, community, educators and children.

The Achievement Program was jointly developed by the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Department of Health to create healthy places for working, learning and living.

Educating the young ones is the core of our service philosophy at Hoppers Crossing Montessori Centre; we know healthy children learn better so creating a healthy environment can help children to develop a strong sense of identity, community and wellbeing.

Healthy Early Childhood Service

To achieve this, our dedicated team has been working throughout the year to create a culture that complements the health message in the curriculum and engage children, educators, staff and the community in a consistent practice.

Each health priority area has its own specific demands ranging from the development of philosophy to policy followed by implementation to outcome. Thorough planning, observations, reflections were taken to continuously improve each child’s individual learning goals.

Physical Activity and movement Physical Activity and movement outline the framework for developing activities to reinforce control, balance and gain confidence. The importance of play in learning is supported by role playing, challenging physical activities and dance classes.

These were complemented by equipment, both indoors and outdoors, specifically designed to provide opportunities for movement and gaining balance.

A community approach is adopted by having cultural activities, story reading by parents, information evening sessions, etc. Encouraging staff to adopt a healthy lifestyle by providing opportunities such as yoga sessions.

Healthy Eating and Oral Health incorporates Smiles 4 Miles and Healthy eating Advisory service programs.

Our food and nutrition policies followed the guidelines outlined by Nutrition Australia, and our Centre’s food Menu is assessed by food Checker- an initiative to fulfil nutritious demands of the growing children.

The concept of healthy food choices is introduced in the classrooms and is supported by our kitchen garden where children planted herbs, salad leaves, tomatoes, and beans. On harvest, children collect the items and bring them the kitchen where food is prepared using those ingredients.

Healthy Eating and Oral Health

In doing so, children learn about the process of growing food. Every year in our program, we have included Dental Incursion where the focus is on dental hygiene practices. Dental health practitioner allows children to understand the importance of oral health and how to clean their teeth and gums.

A Safe Environment promotes healthy behaviours and complies with safety guidelines by making sure children can move around with ease, regardless of their ability.

A Safe Environment is also free from discrimination, bullying, and harassment and ensures all children and educators feel supported.

This is coupled with the Mental Health and Wellbeing achievement that provides ongoing support to children, families and the wider community, where children learn resilience, gain confidence and explore new opportunities.

Our indoor and outdoor learning environment encourages healthy social interaction.

The physical health of children is also given priority by adopting Sun Protection policies which provide us with clear outlines of protection from the harmful effects of the unfiltered Australian sun.

The practices help to protect children, students and staff from being over-exposed to UV radiation.

Families, parents and staff are guided to minimise the effect of Tobacco, Alcohol and other Drugs when it comes to the care of children.

A no tobacco, alcohol and other drug policy for events is designed to minimise its adverse effects on the health and wellbeing of children, families and the community in general. This health priority area also focuses on creating a smoke-free and drug-free environment.

In moving forward, we will continue to commit ourselves to the health and wellbeing of children under our care.

by Ms. Fazal | Hoppers Crossing Montessori Centre

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